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With the quintessence of time-tested traditional Chinese culinary art, LUYA, a Chinese restaurant, has the qualification to introduce the modern nutrition concept in its food cooking. LUYA successfully inherits the essential technique of traditional Chinese cooking in matching ingredient and material processing. What’s more, modern people’s requirement about food safety, dining healthy and food nutrition is also carefully considered in this eatery. For the material purchase, LUYA always spares no effort in selecting and checking good items, to make sure the freshness, high quality, and pesticide-free are all met. In the food preparation, LUYA has always been striving to keep low sodium, low calorie, and no MSG. “Our aim is to provide the best food, the best service to satisfy all our patrons.”, says the owner.

“We have well-trained management team, and our staff members are all experienced in restaurant running. With the clear responsibility division, each employee has a clear mind about what they should do daily. For instance, there is a strict regulation or rules for crews in the kitchen, so that they can carry out each step under the specific standard, like material purchase, food processing and cooking. Only in this way, can we guarantee the freshness and nutrition of our dishes. In customer service, our amiable servers are always ready to satisfy customers’ reasonable requirement, do our best to make visitors feel like at home in LUYA”.

?"LUYA is located in front of UCF (University of Central Florida ), at the east of Siemens Corp. Actually, LUYA is embedded in a large shopping center, in which you can also find the BP station, bank, book store and many other business shops. Large parking lot is also available at the front of the restaurant. In order to meet the fast-pace of students and office workers at lunch time, we opened a fast-food lunch bar. Only 2-3 minutes later, customer can get their delicious and reasonable-priced meal which is also very healthy and nutritious. Aside from this, sushi, summer roll, salad, dessert and so on are also served to enrich patrons’ favorite choices. Considering saving more precious time and providing convenience for our customers, we have adopted an on-line ordering system, you may just click the mouse to finish your order; you can take your food in person or we will deliver it to you in time. Catering service is also provided, serving the combo meal for the birthday party, family gathering, graduation celebration, and business activity, etc. preferential offer is guaranteed. The ordering ways include calling and placing order in person, picking up what you prefer freely. You can place your order in terms of the number of people, or the planning consumption volume ".

Last but not least, we sincerely invite all customers to join us for supervising our food quality and service quality. You precious suggestion is always appreciated.

Chef introduction:
Our executive chef, Jimmy Chen, got well training with his father in a large scale restaurant in China when he was still young; his strenuous learning help him master the ancestral cooking skill. 15 years ago, he came to America and opened his first restaurant in New York; and won the tremendous praise. In recent years, he frequently took part in the Chinese Restaurant Seminar of US, doing research on how to? increase the nutrition and health of Chinese food, and optimizing the cooking process. His consistent effort on improving Chinese food is highly valued by American Chinese restaurant industry.